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This is a presentation I created for the Design Program managers explaining air/brain and air/traffic control. Example: Each airline works differently, and does what works for them. However, they have to submit their latest flight plan to the air traffic controllers. The controllers are not responsible for the content of the plan, just knowing that what they have on file is the latest and greatest.

Brain is very simple tool that allows you to click on an item within the menu on the left, and view the actual document on the right.

You can send the ‘brain link’ to someone, and automatically the menu on the left will expand showing all of the other relevant documents.

If you need to reach out to the person who create the document, the email address of the person who submitted is at the top.

If you include a private document, and someone clicks on the brain link, they won’t be able to access it. Since brain uses the actual site and is not importing any data, the sharing settings are dependent on what is set within the specific document or link.

This is a tour of a sample project that I sent to my team for a whiteboard session.

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Airbnb uses a lot of different services when working on a project., Google Docs, Quip, JIRA.

Different teams uses what works best for them.

In this presentation I describe a department I wanted to created called Traffic Control. The idea was to have a department that would keep track of all of the latest documentation.

P.S. For meetings like this, I usually send this ahead of time to the people who will attend so they will have time to digest the material.