By now the days are longer and the nights are warmer. Bare skin seeps through permeable fabrics and in the gritty metropolis that is New York City you actually catch a glimpse of a smile. Its Spring and Mama Nature is sprinkling cues everywhere that tis the season to bloom. Dance cards (or our modern take on it the Blackberry) are filling up as we dust off strappy sandals and soft leather slip ons and get ready for this danse de printemps. This fare time of year is all about attracting, relating, consummating. Now there are many ways to do that to attract that is and what may be the most common yet most expressive and unique ways to do that is with color. From the sensual red of an amapola flower (thats hibiscus in this country) to the lush lavender of freesia, color lures and attracts literally. With our visual sensors in overload this time of year one doesnt need to spend a moment in Times Square (and with repugnant tourists clamoring about who wants to) to appreciate bright, bold, glittering colors fluttering about.

If you find the process of color to be daunting for your own inexperienced hands than you need to put yourself in the hands of vixens and misfits at newly opened Salon Bordello. The black opal walls, cherry red drapes and antique settee and vanity should give you a hint of the vivacious personalities that will transform you into that rockstar or summer sex kitten you envision yourself to be. Founded by the dynamic visionaress Codie Ravioli Leone with support from the masterminds of Lucky Chengs, Salon Bordello brings together stylists from the rocker, hipster, and club scenes to accommodate any fantasy your heart desires. If youre not sure what you can do to express the inner Mad Hatter there are no worries, as Codie explains, because her stylists always bring new ideas to this 2nd Floor style lab, fashioning that next downtown look.

Since 16, Codie has immersed herself in the world of beauty. Blooming from the streets of Queens and after setting Vegas ablaze, Codie pumped the concrete to the epicenter of downtown glam genius the salon and boutique of prodigious Patricia Field. After years of styling and designing for her, Codie brought her looks to the scene not only as stylist behind the camera but also as a model being the first transsexual to be photographed by Francesco Scavullo. With her impressive background and panache lifestyle consorting with style mavericks such as Richie Rich of Heatherette, Codie has a phenomenal perspective on unleashing hair color into your new look.

1. Its Just Color People tend to take hair too seriously, she explains. Dark and drab is out. Hair color can be changed and if youre in good hands like that at Bordello it can often. Unless you have male pattern or female pattern baldness, it grows back. Use it! Do it! Thats it!

2. Theyre Laughing With You Codie talked about the anarchy of the 80s and 90s when people cloaked themselves in black. Goths, Punks, and Grunge were a rejection of Disco and the 70s with its bright lights and danskin. But we made that statement and things happened. It served a purpose. Its a new millennium. With the Secret and spirituality. We need to start smiling. Well allow your color to serve that purpose. Color is so bold, so exciting it cant help but make your blood pump to a different beat, flush your cheers and most importantly make you smile. And if you think their smiles are really jeers for coloring outside the lines, so to speak, take it from Codie, Clowns arent a bad thing

3. If You Cant Beat Em, Add some Glitter -- As much thrill and daring you may possess inside, perhaps the powers that be dont jive with your sense of style. Look for other ways to make yourself pop this summer. Its New York, Its Summer, Boobs. Bikinis. Competition is fierce. Do what your girlfriends ARENT doing. Glitter isnt just for the downtown set or your 8 year old niece. Whether its Macys in Flushing or a mom and pop boutique in your own neighborhood, everything is day-glo tights and sequined tshirts. And if you can take a chance on your look, heres a trend Codie is recommending: working with what you have. If youre a blonde streak it with yellow. Red head? Go for orange. Black? Shake it up with blue. Its all about vamping what you have.

To get your groove on with the staff at Salon Bordello call for a consultation at 212.477.8216.

Salon Bordello 99 East 2nd St, Floor Two, NYC 10009

Izzy Ruiz, Reporting from New York, NY | izzy@therunwayreport.com

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